Retouching / Bildbearbeitung

Photography / Fotografie

Specialising in Post-Production of Still 2D & 3D Imagery (image photo editing), I believe that my experience having worked in-house from Advertising Agencies to Packaging Design Firms to Boutique Retouching Studios gives me the edge.

I have headed teams of Artwork Production staff to Retouchers, both in London and Stuttgart. My professionalism, integrity and high standards never lessen as I strive for the most natural looking retouched imagery.

My composing covers multiple raw compositing to stacking of CGi-generated multi output channels – blending these together to create a beautiful fully composed and graded final file.

I offer Colour Correction in RGB or CMYK colour spaces and incorporate my knowledge from my Artworking & Pre-Press days into my Photoshop files - thus ensuring a trouble free image output to printed end result.

I'm always happy to receive new enquiries – so feel free to contact me with any of your questions or requests – I look forward to being of help to you.

My Services include:

Processing RAW Data: CaptureOne, Phocus.
General image Cleaning, Dust removal etc.
Skin Touch Up & Body Part Swap outs.
Backplate Stitching and Composition.
Focus Stacking and Blending.
Rgb & Cmyk Colour Correction.
Colour Grading, Mood Application.
Automotive EXR Processing.
CGi Modelling enhancements.
Masking, Clipping Paths, DCS files.
Pack & Product Shots.
Portraits. Business or Social.
Environments, Landscape.
Roads, Urban, Property, Lifestyle. Sports - just ask!
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