Having worked successfully in the advertising and design industry, in 2004, I focused on offering Retouching | Post-Production services of still 2D & CGi Imagery. And since, I've been fortunate to have worked for an extensive list of award-winning Agencies, Photographers, plus Clients direct.


Our Photo Editing services cover, processing of Raw files, compositing and panorama stitching to stacking and blending of CGi multi pass output files – blending subtly minor to major image corrections to create beautifully composed and colour graded final images.


You name it - we've covered it... from skin blemish cleaning to complete head or body part swaps, product FMCG work to automotive new model launches, from sports goods & wear campaigns to advertising, packaging, portraits and editorials.


We are happy to work in RGB / CMYK colour spaces with your given ICC Profiles. Using our knowledge from my Artwork / Reinzeichn and Pre-Press days, this helps me ensure a trouble free image output to printed result.


Having headed teams of Artwork Production staff to Retouchers in-house both in London and Stuttgart, I believe my professionalism, integrity and high standards never lower as I strive for the most natural looking retouched imagery.


We are always happy to receive new enquiries – so feel free to contact use with any of your questions or requests – I look forward to being of help to you on your next image breifing.

Our Services:

Retouching & Post-Production:

Processing RAW Data, CaptureOne, Phocus.

General image Cleaning, Dust removal etc.

Skin Touch Up & Body Part Swap outs.

Backplate Stitching and Composition.

Focus Stacking and Blending.

Rgb & Cmyk Colour Correction.

Colour Grading, Mood Application.

Automotive EXR Processing.

CGi Modelling enhancements.

Masking, Clipping Paths, DCS files.

Photography & Video:

Pack & Product Shots.

Social Media Content.

Packaging to Food.

Portraits. Business or Social.

Environments, Landscape.

Roads, Urban, Property, Lifestyle. Sports - just ask!

Design & Artwork:

At Moser & Fernandes we offer clients and agencies a bespoke (freelance) service from your branding needs to marketing communications be it in print or online. Over the years we have created logos, magazine re-designs, advertising campaigns, corporate brochures, annual reports to websites. With every new project, we can offer a tailor-made solution, bringing in experts when needed, making the process more efficient and certainly more cost-effective. We strive for the best results and will always deliver with passion and motivation to serve you as best we can.

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